Asani Development | Bainbridge Island

Sustainable Development Planning

  •             Land Acquisition
  •             Market Analysis
  •             Master Planning
  •             Feasibility Studies
  •             Green Building Strategies
  •             Entitlement
  •             Public Process
  •             Client Coordination


Signature Green Building and Construction Management Services

  •             Budget Management
  •             Bid Processing
  •             Contract Management
  •             Contractor Oversight
  •             LEED Processing
  •             Commissioning


Strategic Marketing

  •             Marketing Strategy
  •             Graphic Design
  •             Sales and Leasing



Asani is a full services development firm, providing real estate management and consulting for developers and investors.  We offer sustainable development planning, green building and construction management, and strategic marketing services for small to large projects.  We work closely with project owners throughout the design and construction process, considering economic alternatives and innovative sustainable solutions to create successful and profitable developments.

Asani’s collaborative approach to the development process is highly effective in delivering exceptional projects on time and on budget.  In fact, we have established an office environment that combines our planning and development expertise with partners in design, construction and delivery.  We achieve outstanding efficiencies at every stage of a project.

We have close affiliations and ownership interest in both PHC Construction and the OneBuild/IBS modular housing manufacturing facility.   Both firms are leaders in sustainable and energy efficient construction.  Our design and development professionals work closely with the construction and off-site manufacturing teams to design and execute innovative, practical and profitable development projects.


GROW COMMUNITYAsani | Grow Community

From the outset, the Grow Community was envisioned as a sustainable neighborhood, incorporating all of the principals of new urbanism, focusing on energy efficiency and creating an interactive community. The project is ideally located on the edge of the commercial center of town to create a pedestrian-oriented, energy-efficient, multigenerational neighborhood. Our goal is not just to meet codes and standards for reducing our impact and usage of water and energy, but to set new standards for sustainable, affordable living, creating a community where social engagement and carbon reduction are equally important goals. 


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